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Trailers are required for many different tasks, whether for transporting building materials, vehicles, or any other kind of product or item. If you are in search of trailers and related products, you have come to the right place. We have built a reputation as a leading supplier of trailers and accessories to all kinds of companies, businesses and individual clients throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on being able to supply our customers with everything they need when it comes to trailers and related products, from the actual trailers themselves to spare wheels, replacement parts, load bars, mesh sides and other accessories to enhance and improve their usage.

We are the UK's official suppliers of ERDE trailers. They are one of the leading trailer manufacturers in the world, well known for producing outstanding trailers that offer the perfect combination of strength, ease of use and safety. We know that secure, safe trailers are a priority for our clients, and each trailer we provide completely fulfils the requirements of the European Whole Vehicle Type Approval legislation, meaning that they are completely safe for use on European roads. You will have no worries about driving with these trailers, even if you are travelling long distances.

No matter what your requirements, we can fulfil them. We have the widest variety of available trailers, ranging from the smallest 300kg gross weight camping trailers up to 1500kg gross weight trailers which are capable of carrying large amounts of material and can be used across many commercial and industrial applications. Whatever your needs, from one trailer to many, from the smallest and most compact to the largest and most capacious, we can exceed your expectations and provide you with the trailers you need, when you need them.

As we are based in Cambridgeshire, we are perfectly situated to offer a fast, prompt and efficient service to each and every one of our clients across the UK. If you require a group of brand new trailers for any purpose, or if you need replacement or spare parts for the trailers you already own, we can provide everything you need and deliver them to you within days, ensuring minimal downtime for your company. Please take a look at our entire range of products to find out more about the excellent ERDE products we can supply to you.